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Exfoliating calluses peeling skin rejuvenation foot mask

product structure

The foot membrane is made of soft non-woven fabric and sock-type waterproof design, which is comfortable and convenient to use


Selling point

1. Mature market operation and stable product quality

2. Imported formula, no irritation to the body, generally on the market rely on the acidity of salicylic acid to achieve corrosion peeling effect

3. The best price / performance ratio


For people

1. Women who wear high heels for a long time and have hard skin and calluses on the soles

2. People with rough skin and cracked feet



1) Cut the upper seal of the foot membrane;

2) Put on the foot mask and gently press the outer layer of the cloth with your hands to make the skin of the feet intimately contact with the essence;

3) Take off the foot mask after about 30-50 minutes, wash your feet, apply moisturizer to keep the feet moisturized;

4) About 5-7 days after use, the old waste keratin will gradually come off automatically (during daily hot water bathing to accelerate the peeling of dead skin)

5) After about 5-7 days, the old keratin is removed and the skin of the feet reappears soft and fair.



* There are wounds, redness, itching, inflammation and other abnormalities in the feet or skin of Hong Kong, please do not use

* Use with caution for sensitive skin

* If you have uncomfortable skin, please suspend use

* Store in a dry and ventilated place, avoid children's contact

* Please use as soon as possible after openingundefined